How do I fix Norton Antivirus update problems

Norton provides the best protection to your computer from malware attacks. It does not eat up your resources and provide you a secure system to work. It also boosts up the apps of your system. Norton antivirus software needs to be updated regularly to make it compatible and capable of fighting all new viruses.

Norton Antivirus live update can stop because of incompatibility issues with different apps that users might have installed on their computer. To resolve this error users must ensure to weaken the security option of windows. Whereas reinstallation of software is an alternate option. If you keep having the problem then you can freely call at Norton helpline number or update the antivirus software which is fully compatible with your window.

Tips to fix  Norton Antivirus update option

Method 1:Set up windows defender

  • Search Regedit in the windows search bar.
  • Navigate the given key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsof\tWindows Defender
  • Directly copy and paste the URL.
  • Now disable the Antivirus by clicking DisableAntispyware DWORD. Now enter the value as 1.
  • If you cannot locate DisableAnti Spyware DWORD then click the right button in the empty area and Enter the New DWORD32 value.
  • Now name the new DWORD and save its value as 1.
  • Now reboot your device.

Norton antivirus frequently suffers from third-party antivirus. This issue emerges due to incompatibility between the built-in Windows Defender and Norton Antivirus.

Remember to disable the Windows Defender at the time of installing Norton antivirus to avoid this issue.


Method 2:Operate Norton as an antivirus

  • Search for the Norton folder installed on your computer
  • Now open properties from the executable file by right click
  • Now select the compatibility tab
  • Run this program as an administrator must be checked with the confirmed changes

Method 3:Download the Norton software again with the help of the Reinstall tool

  • Install the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool
  • Now restart your computer with an advanced menu
  • Choose Troubleshoot option followed by the selection of advanced option
  • Now select startup settings and then restart your computer
  • Select safe mode on the next screen
  • Now, it’s time to run Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool
  • Search for C: Program files and delete Norton folder
  • Now reboot your computer and download the latest version of Norton software.
  • The final step suggests the installation and user is advised to enter correct credentials to log in to their Norton account
  • This step will help the user to confirm the recent changes

Method 4:Install the Update for Windows

  • Locate the window Search bar and check for the Latest Updates.
  • Install the available updates.
  • Reboot your device now and check if the issue has been resolved.

Windows update Resolved many problems related to Norton antivirus suite-related issues. If the issue still exists then feel free to contact the Norton helpline number and let our experts fix the Norton antivirus update issue. Norton experts will provide you with assistance to solve the issue or reach you as soon as possible.

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