How to Fix Norton antivirus error code 5

A Standard type of error is Norton 360 error code 5 and is critically faced by users. When the system crashes at that time, users encounter Norton 360 error code 5. This is a runtime error which is indicated by unwanted and annoying notification. These notifications keep on flashing until the error is corrected and rectified. Also, this problem doesn’t need to be caused by a corrupt code. In this blog, we focus on the ways which suggest how to fix Norton antivirus error code 5.ṣ

Symptoms of error code 5

Norton 360 error code 5 is a runtime error that happens without warning. Suddenly an error message pops up on the screen showing the error message repeatedly until it doesn’t get adequately addressed.

There might be a possibility of deleting a file or getting affected due to a virus. The sudden drop in internet connection speed can also be the reason for this runtime error.

Causes of error code 5

It reminds me of the possibility that the programmer code anticipated an error during the software design. There is no perfect design, and we can also expect an error in the best program design. If the error is not rectified during the procedure, then it can lead to a runtime error.

Sometimes the addition of incompatible programs leads to an error. For example, the memory problem of all the bad graphic drivers affected by the virus can also cause error code 5.

Troubleshoot ways of error code 5

Let’s discuss the remedy to solve error code 5. But it is not hopeless as we can repair simple method

  • Shutdown the conflicting programs

It is observed that runtime errors mainly occur due to conflicting programs. The first step you need to take in resolving this error is to shut down on conflicting schedules. These are the steps that you can follow to achieve this task.

Step 1: Open the task manager and see all the running programs at that time.

Step 2: It makes me go to the process tab and end each program one by one by clicking on the end program.

Step 3: Now observe that if the error message still reappears

Step 4: Once you identify the program causing the problem, you can take steps to rectify that problem.

  • Update conflicting programs

Step 1: click on the control panel and update all the conflicting programs

Step 2: Follow the steps prompted on the screen to update and reinstall the programs that create runtime errors.

  • Update virus protection program

It is essential to update the virus protection program with the latest version as it has new fixes for the new type of viruses. This will solve some errors when you run this program on your computer. They are created to identify the virus and remove it from the system.

Users must update runtime libraries so they can provide the smooth functioning of the computer. But in case you are stuck at any point, you can freely contact Norton customer service number for accurate and precise assistance from highly verified and certified technicians of Norton antivirus.

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