How to Resolve Norton Error (3039) Sonar Protection Failed to Load

Sonar is used to provide real-time protection by detecting potentially malicious applications when it runs. It also gives you zero-day protection by detecting infected objects with a new modified virus using malware evaluation predictive steps. When you run Norton Antivirus and activate the sonar process to see the infected system or items with some unknown malware, it stops suddenly. It shows a ‘Sonar Protection Failed to Load’ error. It is also known as Norton Error 3039. It would be best if you have searched for the factors behind this error. If unable to troubleshoot it, you must call Norton Customer Service Number to fix this issue.

What Can Be The Possible Factors Behind Norton Error 3039?

Various reasons are behind Norton error 3039. It is mandatory to know several factors behind this error because you can’t think about fixing it without identifying possible reasons behind Norton error 3039.

  • Poor Internet Connectivity
  • Outdated Norton antivirus
  • Using an old version of Windows
  • Outdated browser

Multiple causes are responsible for such technical glitches in Norton antivirus. But no need to panic because few troubleshooting steps are mentioned below.

How To Fix Norton Error 3039?

Few simple troubleshooting steps are given below to fix Norton error 3039. Let’s go through these smart ways to fix this error.

  1. Restart Your Computer

  • ‘Shut-down’ all programs
  • ‘Restart’ your computer

After restarting your system, if the problem is not resolved, move to the next step to fix Norton error 3039.

  1. Download and Run Norton Using Remove and Reinstall Tool

  • If you have already installed the ‘Norton’ antivirus, uninstall it before running ‘Remove and Reinstall tool’.
  • Download the ‘Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.’
  • Save file to ‘Windows desktop’, and on a few browsers, it is saved automatically to its default location
  • Open the ‘Downloads’ page in your browser and press the ‘Ctrl+J’ key
  • Put double-click at ‘NRnR’ button
  • First, go and read carefully ‘license agreement’ and press ‘Agree.’
  • Press ‘Remove & Reinstall’. The ‘Remove’ button is available if you have downloaded it from your service provider.
  • Press the ‘Continue’ or ‘Remove’ button
  • Now, press ‘Restart Now.’


After the computer restarts, follow ‘on-screen instructions’ to reinstall the Norton product. You can also update your browser and windows to fix this issue perfectly. One of the quickest ways to Resolve Norton Error 3039 is by calling Norton customer care. A technical expert will listen to all your queries carefully, and you will get the appropriate solutions to fix all critical and non-critical issues in Norton. Before going towards causes and resolving steps, you must check about the internet data pack.

Examine the date when you recharged it. If your internet data pack’s validity is completed, you must renew it to get a smooth functionality of Norton antivirus error 3039. Norton help desk is ready to assist you with its talented, well-trained, and experienced professionals to troubleshoot Norton error 3039. It has been waiting for your call 24/7 hours to help you in resolving this problem. Never hesitate to call Norton customer care because they are made for you to provide instant help.

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